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Furnace Cleaning and Tune Ups Regina

Furnace Tune Up Regina

Do you have your furnace tune up done annually? If not, you could put yourself at risk of running a unit that isn’t prepared for the cold, Regina SK weather. If you take care of your furnace, it will take care of you. Find out how to save money and headaches by keeping your furnace in great working condition.

Why Have Your Furnace Cleaned and Serviced in Regina?

Annual furnace tune ups are the most effective way to reduce breakdowns and furnace service repairs. It is proven that dirt is the number one cause of breakdowns and repairs. Once dirt and dust get inside the components of your furnace, breakdowns often occur. These breakdowns not only cost you money for the repairs, they also affect the life span of your furnace.

Having your furnace services annually can save you money and keep your system running efficiently throughout the year. A furnace is a mechanical system, much like your car, a furnace needs regular maintenance to avoid breakdowns and extend the life of the unit.

Benefits of a Furnace Tune Up

There are many benefits to regular furnace cleaning and tune ups.

1. Saving you money on your utilities. The more efficient a furnace runs, the more money you will save money on your heating costs.

2. You will extend the life of your furnace. Most furnaces typically last 15 years with care, a lack of care will reduce that to 10 years or less. Far to often when we go to a furnace service call that requires replacement, it's due to a lack of regular care and maintenance.

3. Helps you avoid costly repairs.

4. Keeping You Safe - Our tech's will check your furnace for potential gas leaks or blockages and keep you safe from carbon monoxide leaks.

Our Furnace Tune Up Includes

- Clean the supply and return air ductwork
- Clean and reset supply registers and air grilles
- Supply and return air plenum clean, free of moisture and contaminants
- Clean the blower motor, check belts and coil
- Clean air-stream side of the heat exchanger
- Clean the evaporator coil, drain and pan
- Replace the air filter and wash the air cleaner

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